Floating and Injection PanelsMaxBoxy, WordPress Content Box Plugin

Float Any and Inject Any Content On Your Site With Special Panel Enhancements and Features

  • Floating and sticky menus
  • Pop-up and slide-in panels
  • Call to action messages
  • Announcement and info bars
  • Rotating notifications
  • On-load or on-click initiation

and much more…

MaxBoxy - Floating Content Box WordPress Plugin - stack examples

A Powerful Engagement and Conversion Tool for Your Website in the Form of a WordPress Plugin

How are you engaging with your Website’s visitors?

Almost every Website requires some kind of engagement and to resolve this you may need WordPress content box plugin. In order to connect more deeply with the site visitors, your search for injecting and floating content box WordPress plugin could be over and probably you’ve found what you were looking for. Still, on the very commence, lets emphasize some major points by checking the following:

  • Are your Website visitors leaving without engagement and not following in the direction you would like?
  • Have you involved with conversion tools not intuitive and expandable enough?
  • And aren’t those tools usually hard to grasp and to learn working with?

Well, we have the tool which will help you to tackle down these inconveniences. MaxBoxy is the WordPress plugin which allows you to assemble the content blocks and to create floating and sticky elements over your Website giving more exposure to the important messages and enticing components you wish them to involve with.

If you were looking for such a solution the chances are you’re going to love this. With MaxBoxy create WordPress floating content, sticky and floating menus, info bars, pop-up/slide-in panels, toggling & igniting panels, even set the rotating notifications. Further more, you can also inject content on specific locations over the whole Website or at particular pages. Finally, set the goals and measure the conversion results. On top of that, all is available from a common WordPress interface.

Create call to actions

Provide Interactions

Promote your products

Convert visitors to buyers

You’ll be glad to know that MaxBoxy is designed to work with any WordPress theme and the thing probably you’re going to like is that the interface is the same the WordPress itself is using for publishing the content, i.e. posts and pages. MaxBoxy, as a floating content box WordPress plugin and content injection, allows you to chose from various panel locations or to embed it with a shortcode.


FloatAny - slide-in panel, WordPress floating content Plugin example
Set floating panels
  • Banners & ads
  • Info bars
  • Signup forms

Much more…


Inject Any content
Inject panels
  • Inject CSS and JS code
  • Info bars
  • Headers for specific pages

…anything you come up with.


MaxBoxy panel - see stats
Set goals and see stats

The best thing, set the goals (button clicks, signup forms completion) and get the things measured

A Powerful Engagement and Conversion Tool for Your Website – Injection and Floating Content Box WordPress Plugin

Easily Create Floating WordPress Content Boxes

1. After activating the plugin, to create the first floating content panel, from the WordPress dashboard notice the FloatAny section. Just click on the “Add new” link and you’ll be redirected to the panel creation screen.

2. This is the optional step since you can go with default settings. To change the purpose of the panel there are settings you can change, e.g. panel’s type, location, colors, toggler adjustment, etc.

3. It’s up to you to arrange the elements with drag & drop utility and to puzzle them into the content box which at the end appears as floating menus, action bars, info bars or popup newsletter signup forms.

Inject content to Any WordPress page

add Injectany panel

Similar, as aforementioned with WordPress floating content panels, instead of FloatAny just pick the InjectAny panel strain to embed the content in specific pages or over the whole site. This way you can make headers or footers for specific pages, inject the CSS or JavaScript code in a header/footer or embed it as a regular content box.

To get the things even more convenient, with our WordPress content box plugin, you can also use “Reusable blocks” which is a native WordPress feature, just enhanced with MaxBoxy’s functionality.

Therefore, MaxBoxy enables you to extend the functionality of your site in a remarkably easy way. Multiple designs and functionalities will allow more interactions for your site’s visitors. I’m sure you realize, would you use one panel or as many as you wish, it’s up to you.

It’s for the new WordPress era

Lets be clear from inception, if you want to keep things in the old WordPress way by creating the content with classic editor or with “Page Builders”, then this may not be for you. This is for the new era of WordPress where the content is created with blocks.

This switch to the block concept with WordPress editing is called Gutenberg project and since its introduction it has evolved tremendously. Nowadays, if the content element isn’t available as the WordPress’ core block, the chances are you’ll find it through the plugin. MaxBoxy embraces this concept and allows you to wrap up created content, built either with native WordPress blocks or with 3rd party plugins, and unfold it as the floating or injecting panel. On top of that, you can set the purpose of the panel box, show it as a toggler, igniter, simple closer or even set the messages rotate as the notification system.

To be completely clear, you can still use “Page Builders” on your site, but for the MaxBoxy content box it is necessary to use WordPress’ Gutenberg blocks.

Why MaxBoxy as a injecting and floating WordPress content box plugin – major advantages

Probably I shouldn’t be telling you this, maybe you’ve found a cheaper tool or something similar, but we want to stress out that we’re not in the pricing game, trying to be the cheapest. On the other side, we’re making efforts to create MaxBoxy as a powerful conversion tool, while priced reasonably. We provide even the basic version of our injecting and floating content box WordPress plugin at no cost, limited in some features and this is the great way to see is the plugin going to make a difference for you. It’s absolutely fine if the basic version is all you need. Besides that, lets emphasize what we see as the major advantages of MaxBoxy.


Unlike with many other WordPress plugins, creation of the MaxBoxy panel boxes is done in a native WordPress way, i.e. the same way you create content for posts or pages. This means that you are using the interface you are used to, or if you are new to WordPress it’s the interface you have to learn to use anyway. The whole MaxBoxy addition is the simple options panel added to the existing sidebar along the content editor – therefrom you determine the panel’s type and it’s appearance behavior.


Discarding the concept of creating particular content elements for the MaxBoxy panel boxes reduced the size of the plugin. Plugin itself is lightweight and the elements you are using to build the content most likely are those your Website is already using, i.e. native WordPress blocks. On top of that, plugin’s resources are loaded only on the pages where panel is present.


Panel boxes can be styled differently, e.g. squarely or with rounded corners, shown as wide info bars or narrowed box messages. Set them as floating or injecting content. Further, introduce your WordPress floating content differently (as popups, or slide-ins ), set different types (igniter, toggler, closer) and add roles (banish or rotating), etc. At last, it’s limitless in content building possibilities, set content either with WordPress’ core blocks or 3rd party plugins. To make things even easier, we provide you with pre-design patterns, which even further facilitate the content creation.


As a WordPress content box plugin, MaxBoxy goes over the floating and injecting panels. We have developed the built-in measurement system where you can see panel loads and views, also set goals and see the outcome stats. You can set clicks or signup form completion as the goal. Finally, you’ll be able to see how your Website visitors are engaging with your panels and messages, also see are they completing the set goals.

MaxBoxy – It’s that simple, Float Any or Inject Any Content and at the end Measure Results

Therefore, forget about the tools that solve just one type of the issue or impact the loading of your Website, actually get ready to entice and engage the visitors in a smooth and seamless process. Maybe a bit biased statement, heck why not to say, MaxBoxy is the powerful and performance wise tool that allows you to create beautiful conversion components in a remarkably simple way.

Powerful features present

If you were wondering are there some significant features missing. Well, don’t worry, all this come without sacrificing important features. Even with the basic version you’ll be able to create dazzling content boxes, but have to admit the real benefit comes once you upgrade to the Premium version.

Time is always critical

Often people do not have time for additional work, that’s why good products come pre-assembled or pre-designed. We know you are busy and that’s why you can import some ready panels for testing. Over that we have made pre-designed patterns you can use as a foundation for the MaxBoxy content.

The 3 x right – Are your call to actions getting attention?

The right message

At the right time

At the right place

It’s not about how many people you are getting on your site, it’s more about are you converting those visitors to prospects.

By offering your Website’s visitors engagement components they are getting involved and connected with your messages.


brands advertised a discount or bundle deal on a Black Friday

offered a promo code



used a timer to create urgency





of shoppers prefer digital coupons

when offered a coupon people shop more items than normal



of American consumers share deals and offers with their friends and family


With MaxBoxy get your visitors moved in the desired direction by setting info bars, exit popups, coupon copiers and much more

When used effectively, a little bar on top of your site is the most unobtrusive way to boost your Website engagement. Create info bars and other sticky content with our floating content box WordPress plugin

While many companies are shy in using Exit Popups, they are actually a proven way to increase conversion – what have you got to lose, the user was leaving anyway!

When offered a coupon people are more likely to buy, usually sharing it with friends and colleges. When you upgrade to premium version, you get a smooth way for users to copy the coupons on your site.

This is just to name the few options. See the major features listed here.

Lets see visually, is this plugin powerful enough for your Website

You might want to try it immediately, but before that, here are some basic examples of what you can make with MaxBoxy.

FloatAny - create floating menu

Create floating menus

More exposure for the menu and important links

Call to action bars

Promote specific products and deals

FloatAny - info bar calll to action
FloatAny - popup panel

Popup panel boxes

Get important messages glued up over the page

Set full screen panels

With the panel over the full screen there’s no limit to the design you can output

FloatAny - set a full screen panel
FloatAny - slide-in panel

Slide in panels

Different appearance styling, define a panel as a popup or slide-in vertically / horizontally

Make toggle and button igniting content

There are different appearance outputs and many more options to apply conditionally

FloatAny - toggle a panel
FloatAny - rotating notifications

Rotate content boxes

Create notification system by rotating the content

Inject content boxes

Lets not forget, you can also embed a panel

Inject Any content

See some using scenarios, now

Set attractive contact mechanism on your site. Use any form that is supported by WordPress editor e.g WPforms, Contact form 7, Gravity forms, etc. Use for simple contact form or expand endlessly by creating, multi-step forms, quizzes or surveys.

Well, you know these messages – Try, Get Started, Buy Now, Shop, Order, Reserve, Save, Pick, View, Get, Grab, Claim, Download… That’s right, pack them with authentic design and move your site visitors in the desired direction.

If ads are your revenue stream, you know that all comes to their good exposure and getting clicks. With FloatAny, show ads in noticeable Website locations, just be careful not to overuse it by being too intrusive.

To further engage visitors, create popup videos or video galleries, embed Google maps or any other iframe based content.

Popup and slide in boxes are the proven method to entice consumers into the newsletter signup.

Boost your sales with Cross-sells, Up-sells, further by pushing notifications of new collection or arrivals in your store.

Basically, these content boxes may be used for whatever you can come up with. Just to state few additionally:

Welcome messages




Social following

Sales promotion


Social sharing

Off course, we didn’t cover every possible scenario in which you can use MaxBoxy panels, but hopefully you got the clue. You can certainly use it to make the simplest info messages or cookie/gdpr notices, on the other hand it’s largely expandable allowing you to embed multi-step forms or quizzes for example.

As you can see, MaxBoxy panel, as a WordPress content box, can be simple or complex. Worth mentioning, while many are created with core WordPress blocks, to complete the building of some MaxBoxy boxes we have to use 3rd party plugins e.g. social sharing plugin. Now you realize, basically there’s no limitation in what MaxBoxy panel can contain and what you can create.

Save time by starting from the pre-disigned patterns

Create all the above mentioned content panels and more, but save time by starting from the pre-made patterns. This is how they may look in the admin. When you upgrade to Premium version, there’s 80+ patterns currently available. Use them as a starting point, just add a bit of personal touch and connect colors to your personal branding or to the message you want to send.

FloatAny - patterns selection

Always testing for the best security and performance

As seen on this test, MaxBoxy doesn’t impact the page’s speed. If the plugin is disturbing the page load, the test would be showing some number, but here the impact is so low that it isn’t showing any calculation.

Be assured the plugin will always be tested for the best security and performance.

MaxBoxy - performace and securite test


You can see fully working MaxBoxy plugin and the most of its options demonstrated here.


We have docs page with all options of FloatAny explained.

Import examples

We have prepared some panel examples you can import in your WordPress site and work upon there –see how it works.

Open a support ticket

If you’re still having a problem in finding the answer, just open the support ticket here.

Compare: Basic Vs Premium

Locations (FloatAny)
Left topped, Left centered, Left bottomed, Center topped, Centered, Center bottomed, Right topped, Right centered, Right bottomed
Locations (InjectAny)
Head (for code, e.g. CSS, JS), Top/Bottom body (for code or content)
Enhanced Reusable blocks
“Reusable blocks” is native WordPress feature. Here you get it enhanced with MaxBoxy features
Panel types
Toggler, Closer
Panel roles
With Toggler: Rotator (rotate messages), Igniter (see content on a button trigger)
With Closer: Hidden, Exit intent, Banish (do not show again), Hover out, Rotator
Conversion – Goals
Track clicks or form submission
Conversion – Stats
See panel loads, views, goals completion
In details
InitiationOn loadOn load, On click, On mouse hover
Showing style
Popup, fade-in, slide-in
Add classesxYes
Height, Width, Padding, Borders
Toggler/Closer button options
Positioning, styling
Particular pages conditionxYes
Restrict for a single page, multiple pages, post type(s), archive types, by RegEx etc.
Element present conditionxYes
Show if element is present on the page
Event triggersxYes
Appear after certain event – Time, scrolling, page’s element in view, beneath the element in view
Based on pages view number xYes
Until the (x) times or After the (x) times
User logged statusxYes
Logged in or Logged out condition
User roles conditionxYes
Restrict for Administrator, Author, Editor, Support Agent, etc.
Based on devices xYes
Appear for mobile or desktop devices
Based on referrerxYes
Show a panel based on referrer – Domain(s) or URL(s)
Geographical restrictionxYes
Restrict appearance for certain Countries and Cities
Limit the presence to a certain time span
OutputSite globalSite global, with shortcode or WordPress’ block interface
In content closer/toggler
Set buttons from the content to act as a panel’s toggler/closer
Hide for small or large screens
Enables you to hide elements inside the panel by adding the classes
Trigger from the contentxYes
Open a panel from the content with a click/hover on element
Position inline to the content elementxYes
When triggered from the content, position a panel inline, i.e. next to the element (e.g. button) that invokes the panel
Copy coupons
Set coupon codes to be copied on the click
Set as a dismissive note
With InjectAny or Reusable block set dismissive note
A collection of pre-designed templates that you can insert and edit to your needs
80+ design patterns currently available

Get the plugin

FloatAny - premium addon main benefits

Special discount for early birds!

Hey, wanna know when MaxBoxy Pro goes live? Just complete this form and we’ll let you know.

Familiar interface

You will be using the already familiar WordPress interface.

Easily create content

While we provide pre-designed patterns, further you can expand by embedding any WordPress block in MaxBoxy’s panels as well.


Plugin itself is lightweight and content is created with native WordPress blocks, means it utilizes resources your site is already using.

Start quickly

With import examples and patterns you’re promptly on the road.

Don’t miss to check the MaxBoxy demo page before leaving!

Available patterns

  • Trigger buttons

  • Contact

  • Cookies & GDPR

  • Call to action

  • Media

  • Promo

  • Signups

Currently there’s more than 80+ patterns suitable for FloatAny or InjectAny panels, but you can also use them in regular posts.

Use Patterns as a foundation for the MaxBoxy content. It may be it’s all you need, but at least it’s certainly a strong base in building attractive designs for FloatAny or InjectAny panels.

Panel types

  • Toggler

  • Closer

Panel roles

  • Rotator

  • Hidden

  • Banish

  • Exit intent

  • Hover out

  • Igniter

Showing style

  • Bump in

  • Fade in

  • Slide in (horizontal)

  • Slide in (Vertical)

Panel display

  • Site global loaded 

  • WordPress block interface

  • Shortcode

On-load/on-click initiation

  • Display a panel on page’s load or open it on a visitor’s click of a link/button

No coding knowledge

  • There’s no need to be a developer or a web designer to create panels

Embed forms

  • You can insert any form that is compatible with WordPress editor

Unlimited styling/content

  • Set image backgrounds, add videos, maps, use any WordPress block

Set different locations

  • Left topped

  • Left centered

  • Left bottomed

  • Center topped

  • Center

  • Center bottomed

  • Right topped

  • Right centered

  • Right bottomed

  • Position inline

  • Head (InjectAny)

  • Top body (InjectAny)

  • Bottom body (InjectAny)

Create different styles

  • Style borders

  • Style togglers

  • Change sizes

  • Apply light-box

  • Unlimited colors

  • Mobile friendly


  • Set goals (Clicks or form submissions)

  • Measure loads/views/goals

Particular pages conditions

  • Show a panel on a certain page(s) or post(s)

  • Show a panel on a specific post type(s), e.g. for products

  • Show a panel only for archive pages

  • Show a panel for particular categories

  • Show a panel for specific tag(s)

  • Exclude individually from showing on each post/page

Event & condition exists triggers

  • Show a panel if element is present

  • Appear after specified time (seconds)

  • Appear after specified element enters the viewport

  • Appear after specified element exits viewport

  • Show a panel for the first timers (only show for x page views)

  • Show a panel for the first timers (only show after x page views)

  • Show a panel based on logging status (for logged in/logged out users)

  • Show a panel based on user roles (Editor, Contributor, Customer, etc.)

  • Show a panel for devices – Mobile/Desktop

  • Show a panel based on referrer – Domain(s) or URL(s)

  • Restrict for certain Country and City

  • Create date/time campaigns