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Float Any - create popup panels and promo info bars

Floating and inline menus

Pop-up and slide-in panels

Call to action buttons and messages

Announcement and info bars

On-load or on-click initiation

and much more…

As a Website owner or a webmaster you may be looking for conversion site elements. In that case the chances are you’re going to love this. With Float Any create floating menus, info bars or pop-up/slide-in panels. To get you more excited, all is available from a simple to use WordPress interface.

Promote your products

Convert visitors to buyers

Increase social followers

More email subscribers

You’ll be glad to know that Float Any is designed to work with any WordPress theme and heck, the interface is the same the WordPress itself is using for publishing post and pages. In essence, this means that content of the panels are built with native WordPress’ blocks.

Easily create floating panels

1. To create the first floating panel, from the WordPress dashboard notice the Float Any section. Just click on the “Add new” link and you’ll be redirected to the panel creation screen.

2. Optionally, to change the purpose of the panel there are settings you can change, e.g. panel’s location, colors, toggler adjustment, etc.

3. It’s up to you to arrange the elements with drag & drop utility and to puzzle them into the floating menus, action buttons, info bars or popup newsletter signup forms.

Therefore, Float Any enables you to extend the functionality of your site in a remarkably easy way. Multiple designs and functionalities will allow more interactions for your site’s visitors. I’m sure you realize, would you use one panel or as many as you wish, is up to you.

You might want to try it immediately, but before that, here are some basic examples of what you can make with Float Any.

create floating menu

Create floating menus

More exposure for the menu and important links

Float Any - call to action info bar

Call to action bars

Promote specific products and deals

Connect social networks with Float Any

Floating social links

Connect visitors with your other Web presence

Float Any - make popups

Popup panels

Get important messages glued up over the page

Float Any - full screen panel

Set full screen panel

With the panel over the full screen there’s no limit to the design you can output

Set different appearance style, e.g. slide-in for Float Any's panel

Slide in panels

Different appearance styling, define a panel as a popup or slide-in vertically / horizontally

Float Any - toggle a panel

Make toggle and button igniting content

There are different appearance outputs and many more options to apply conditionally

Import starting panels

To make things easier we have created some panels you can import inside your WordPress site to easily start. This enables you to quickly move Float Any’s content from one site to another or to start easily with the following examples.

Important: WordPress importer plugin has to be installed and active on your site.

  • Import panel type examples
Run WordPress importer plugin

1. Download this xml file and import it from your WordPress Dashboard -> Tools -> Import. On this step you have to select “WordPress” by clicking “Run Importer”.

Float Any panels imported as drafts

2. Once you finish the importing process, go to the Dashboard -> Float Any -> Panels section. Notice, panels have been set as drafts. Edit the panel you wish to test and just change the status to “Publish”. It will be loading on your site, now.

Important: Without the Pro plugin addon you won’t have all styling options working in these examples, e.g. slide-in showing, closing button inside panel and round styling, etc.

  • From the content triggered Float Any panels
  1. Save this xml file to your computer and import it in the same way as with the previous panel types example.
  2. Now, get this txt file. Open it with a text editor. Copy the whole content.
  3. Finally, create a test page on your site and paste the copied content. You should be able to trigger Float Any panels from the content just like in our demo.
    • Important: You need the Pro addon active in order to get these examples working.

You see, these are just examples, so that you can immediately see how things work. You should modify those elements and build upon from there. Lets get started!


You can see fully working Float Any plugin and the most of its options demonstrated here.


We have docs page with all options of Float Any explained.

Compare: Free Vs Premium

LocationAll (Left topped, Left centered, Left bottomed, Center topped, Centered, Center bottomed, Right topped, Right centered, Right bottomed)All (Left topped, Left centered, Left bottomed, Center topped, Centered, Center bottomed, Right topped, Right centered, Right bottomed)
Popup stylesPopupAll (Popup, fade-in, slide-in)
Add classesNoYes
Particular pages conditionNoYes (restrict for a single page, multiple pages, post type(s), archive types, etc.)
User logged statusNoYes – Logged in or Logged out condition
User roles conditionNoYes (restrict for Administrator, Author, Editor, Support Agent, etc.)
AppearOn loadOn load, On click or after certain event (time, scrolling, page’s element in view, beneath the element in view)
Date and time campaignNoYes (limit the presence to a certain time span)
Exclude on each pageNoYes (While editing a page, you can exclude a Float Any’s panel for that particular page)
Output with shortcode & WordPress’ block elementNoYes
Note: Premium option is an addon for the basic (free) plugin. So, in anyway you have to install the basic version and we encourage you to do so before buying the premium addon.

Familiar interface

You will be using the already familiar WordPress interface.

Easily create content

New WordPress editor enables you to embed any content in Float Any’s pop-up and slide-in panels as well.


Plugin itself is lightweight and content is created with WordPress, means it utilizes resources your site is already using.

Start quickly

With import examples and patterns you’re promptly on the road.

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