Booster Sweeper Free Version Available

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A new plugin is in development here at MaxPressy. We’re almost ready for the final release of Booster Sweeper. Meanwhile, the free version got approved on the repository.

We named the plugin “Booster Sweeper”. Since its focus is to help in performance optimization of the WordPress Websites and that’s why we see it as a Booster. It’s main purpose is to cleanup the unnecessary assets, i.e. CSS and JavaScript files that aren’t in use on certain pages. That’s why it’s Sweeper.

How Booster Sweeper helps in performance

By cleaning the unused files from your Website, it is getting less http requests and ultimately reduces Website’s size. Quite simple, the less size, the less requests the browser has to process during the page rendering – better performance.

One obvious example where Booster Sweeper can help is the WooCommerce plugin. When activated, it loads its assets over the whole site, i.e. all pages outside the product pages, like Home, About, Contact or other regular pages and posts. Disable the load of WooCommerce’s assets on these pages and you get better performance for your WordPress Website and certainly you also get more happier visitors. Do the same with other plugins that your site is using and gain more boost for particular pages.

This isn’t a Swiss-knife solution for WordPress speed optimization. It should be used along caching plugins and other tools like for image optimization, etc.

You see, with all WordPress plugins on the market nowadays, assets cleanup is a premium feature. With Booster Sweeper we changed that partially. There’s a free version suitable for simpler Websites. On the other side, with premium addon reach WordPress assets optimization of custom post types and archive pages, basically cleanup unnecessary assets on the entire site.

While it resolves one problem of the optimization puzzle, in essence, it can reduce the cost for those willing to combine free and premium tools instead of picking an all-in-one performance optimization solution which could be quite pricey.

When will the Pro version be available.

So, we’re on the begging of this journey and to be clear, there’s no exact date yet when the Booster Sweeper Pro will become available for purchasing and download. However, it should be very soon, looking from the publishing of this post, probably in a week or so, like 7 – 10 days. So, stay tuned.

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