Import FloatAny example panels

To make things easier we have created some FloatAny panels you can import inside your WordPress site to start easily. This enables you to quickly move FloatAny’s content from one site to another or to start easily with the following examples.

Important: WordPress importer plugin has to be installed and active on your site.

Import panel type examples

Run WordPress importer plugin

1. Download this xml file and import it from your WordPress Dashboard -> Tools -> Import. On this step you have to select “WordPress” by clicking “Run Importer”.

Float Any panels imported as drafts

2. Once you finish the importing process, go to the Dashboard -> FloatAny -> Panels section. Notice, panels have been set as drafts. Edit the panel you wish to test and just change the status to “Publish”. It will be loading on your site, now.

From the content triggered FloatAny panels

  1. Save this xml file to your computer and import it in the same way as with the previous “panel types” example.
  2. Now, get this txt file. It’s important to open it with a text editor, so it can be copied without impairments. Copy the whole content.
  3. Finally, create a test page on your site and paste the copied content. You should be able to trigger FloatAny panels from the content just like in our demo.
    • Important: You need the Pro addon active in order to get these (from the content triggered) examples working.

You see, these are just examples, so that you can immediately see how things work. You should modify those elements and build upon from there. Lets get started!

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